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10th anniversary of the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation
Newsletter article by Walter Mikac

It is with great pride that I acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation. In the past decade, the charity has grown from an infant into a blossoming adolescent with international ties and a strong credibility within the school and wider communities. Thankyou for all those who have contributed tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

On a personal level, the foundation played a big part in my coping in those early days after Port Arthur, giving me a positive outlet for action whilst dealing with such tragedy.

While the media attention this has brought is vital for the survival of the charity, it is also important we all maintain focus on the true reason for AMF which is of course, to help children when they most need it.

I felt it timely to update you on my own personal journey.

 I chose to take a step away from the lime-light since remarrying and having a daughter (who is now a preppie!). I have been working as a pharmacist and enjoying being a family man again. It has been great to have regained some anonymity in my life.

But the time is right now for me to share some of what I have learnt with others. I am finding it gratifying and cathartic to share my journey in my new role as a professional speaker. Whilst I am not taking a hands-on role with the foundation anymore, I have found the speaking circuit to be a great avenue to quietly promote the good works being done. A component of my presentation is devoted to “Turning Crisis Into Contribution” in which the many achievements of the AMF are highlighted.

I have been gratified by the response received from the clients I have addressed to date, including Fosters Brewing Group, The Financial Planners Association, Job recruitment agencies and the health sector.

I recently was invited to keynote at the National Speakers Association in Queensland, and am developed a corporate workshop –The 5 keys to unlocking your courage – which I hope has a universal message.

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